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Literally, I did. Thank you to Sampar Indonesia, I was invited to try their facial.

Quite an experience, really, I was dead tired after I finished my shooting contract, and that tiredness shown all over my face. Just check out my ‘before’ facial face. Dull, blemishes everywhere and those dark circles were just really really bad, thanks to lack of rest (read: sleep). 

I didn’t know that Sampar Boutique Store in Mall Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta, Indonesia had a booth for facial. Now I do know that they have one inside the boutique. But caution: you have to book your facial days before as they only have one room to accommodate your facial needs. If you know your skin type, then you just mention it to the therapist. But if you’re clueless, the therapist will check your skin condition and decide what kind of facial will be perfect for you.

Since I have the oiliest skin one can only imagine, I was offered a PURE PERFECTION Facial. The name came from one of the SAMPAR’s range especially created for blemish-prone skin. As most facial, the therapist started with cleansing, toning, peeling, massage and masking. I love how they use hot towels between those steps and the face massage (it went through the back, arms and legs too!) was heavenly, I felt so relaxed afterwards. And I really did enjoy the essential oils scent which the therapist applied while massaging (FYI, she said that the oils were not for sale in the boutique).

The star product that I personally believe made my pores shrink instantly is PORELESS MAGIC PEEL. As Sampar didn’t believe in harsh scrubbing (and so do I), I love how the creamy texture glides smoothly and made my skin felt smooth and looked poreless (just check out my ‘after’ pic above). And two thumbs up for no pimples pinching at SAMPAR. Yeay for that!

I really recommend this facial by SAMPAR, if I can go once a week as the therapist recommended me, I so would. So far, they have four treatments available: Essentials for normal to dry skin, Pure Perfections for oily and blemish-prone skin, City of Light for brightening and Age-Antidote for anti aging. If you’re into facial that much, go for the packages as it’s really worth it. 

SAMPAR at Kota Kasablanka
Upper Ground Floor

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Inspired by the Mondrian dress created by Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent back in 1965, YSL Beaute presents COUTURE PALETTE.

Currently in Indonesia, there are 7 color palettes to choose. And thanks to YSL Beaute Indonesia (hi mbak Venny), I was given #7 (Parisienne) to try. A Parisienne at heart, I love the soft & romantic colors from taupe, soft pink and plum on the palette. Look at the gorgeous palette above, the top left shade is the base shade (but still, I recommend to use eye primer). The top right shade is the highlight for the brow bones. And the darkest one of all in the middle palette is great as liner. The two bottom shades are great for blending and mixing with each other. 

I really recommend this palette for beginners. As I remembered, my first encounter with eyeshadow palette was not a walk in the park. I didn’t know which color to put where, and how to blend them together. But now, thanks to Couture Palette, they do come with a step by step instruction inside the famous golden packaging. Really, really easy to use, just as they named this palette a ready to wear color palette. 

As any other YSL eyeshadows, they’re really intense and long wearing (even without an eye primer). The bonus from this specific palette: we can create three signature look with ease (BTW, I tried the signature look number 2 for my photo above). It’s a mix between matte & satin shades with a little shimmer for the highlight. Yet, they’re getting better after a while. Don’t be afraid to add up the colors, as they’re very soft and less dramatic than I thought they’ll be. Just remember to always blend, blend, blend to make your look more effortless. 

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SPANX. My favorite shape wear is keeping up with the (always) updating women’s need by adding new styles.

At Palalada, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, me and fellow hosts Melaney and Gita, were sharing our experiences with the brand which started back in 2000 by Sara Blakely. I remembered my first ever Higher Power, which was bought online after I heard Oprah was talking about the magic of Spanx on her show at the earlier years of Spanx. And I was hooked ever since. I mean, how could someone dress up nicely, but to ignorance to shape her body? And if you put an effort to put a primer on your face before make up, why not with your body? 

Dress Up and Slim Down was the theme that afternoon, went along with the red dress code. Lauren from Spanx International was there to guide us and inform us about the latest styles from Spanx. Including the one that I’ve been waiting for: the denim leggings. And what I love about the latest arrivals: some of them come with cotton gusset, so we can wear them as underwear. 

Go find them at Sogo, Seibu, Debenhams and Metro Department Stores, and seriously, you’ve got to try Spanx to believe what they can do to that fat bulges, back bulges, whatever they called it. 

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If you love ribs as much as I do, you’ll love this brunch.

Beef, lamb, and pork. Choose your selection of ribs or just have them all at Blue Grass Bar & Grill. Located at Komplek Rasuna Epicentrum, Bakrie Tower Ground Floor, Jakarta, Indonesia, you’ll have the brunch of your life. 

Like me, I started with two choices of eggs, cheese omelette and poached eggs with pork bacon. Yum! Then go to the salad bar and spoiled yourself. Off to the main menu, ribs. Personally I love the taste of pork ribs, for their softness and texture rather than the beef & lamb. I believe they were marinated not only with imported barbecue sauce, but with Indonesians’ herbs as well. Just look, they served the ribs with sweet soya sauce with cuts of shallots and chilis. 

Complete the food feast with a glass of Sangria Tinta. Red wine with cuts of strawberries & apples. It was stronger than I think, but perfect to wash down the ribs I just had. 

Last but not least, desserts! For the sweet teeth like me, enjoy banana stick dipped in chocolate or waffles. The waffles texture is really fluffy because they made it from the solid (not liquid) dough. Add with chocolate sauce or maple syrup and vanilla ice cream. That should complete your Sunday Brunch. I remember I was so full that day, I skipped dinner altogether. 


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I have to admit, I’m so into eyelashes. Before I did my extension, I was so desperate to get fuller looking lashes, I’ll do anything.

From curling with the (so called) best eyelash curler, applied the (so called) best mascara, and finally I did my eyelash extension. But after I did my eyelash extension with their ups and downs (they fell off easily, they tangled easily, and I can’t shower on my face liberally), I realized that like skin and makeup, your makeup will look better on healthy skin. So, yeah….I need eyelashes care for my eyelash problem. STAT!

That’s when APOT.CARE Lash Enhancing Serum came in. Available at Beauty Box Indonesia’s stores and online, this serum is the ultimate solution to improve the length, thickness and fullness of eyelashes. This innovative lash serum uses a highly effective P226 Polypeptide combined with a moisturizing and nutriment-packed Optiwide complex to ensure rapid, even & lasting eyelashes growth, deep conditioning & optimal protection of the lashes. What’s great about this product: it’s also paraben free and save for those who wears contacts! 

I gave it a try for 28 days (morning and night) and see the result on the pic above. My beauty verdict:

  • Very easy application, thanks to the tiny & precise brush.
  • Its’ clear texture (more like gel) made it easier to absorb too. Just make sure it dried fully before you put on eyeliner or mascara.
  • It didn’t sting, yet it felt really cooling when applied. 
  • I gave it a try on the bottom lashes too, see my pic above and you’ll see the difference, especially on the bottom lashes (they’re longer and fuller, YEAY!).

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We’ve all been through that stage, when we look at others’ lips and wondering what were they wearing?

Last June, Estee Lauder Indonesia launched their latest lipstick, PURE COLOR ENVY SCULPTING SHINE LIPSTICK. Here in Indonesia, they have 16 available colors with Rp 320.000 price tag for each. Claimed as the first sculpting lipstick, these brand new lipsticks contain multifaceted pigments which create definition, so our lips will look beautifully shaped, sculpted & curvaceous. As for the hydration, a time-release Moisture Complex will help capture & seal in the hydration, so our lips will keep moisturized throughout the day. Oh great, one more lipstick to be envy about….

My beauty verdict (BTW, I was wearing shade #230-Pretty Perfect):

  • It was pretty perfect alright! High intense in a single stroke.
  • No need for lip liner as it really shaped well and no need for lip brush. 
  • Thanks to its’ creamy texture, no cracking in the middle of the day
  • I believe it made my pout look fuller (btw, I applied straight from the bullet without lip brush).
  • Love the luxurious packaging with magnetic closure that click perfectly.
  • What you see from the tube, it’s exactly what you’re gonna get when you applied on your lips. 

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A person next to you said, “I love your scent. What are you wearing?”

That’s exactly what happened to me when I was wearing GRACE by Anggun. And if someone ever even bothered to give you compliment for the scent that you were wearing, (from my humble opinion) it’s already a winner!

It took two years for Anggun to create GRACE (by the way, that’s Anggun’s name if translated in English) with a renowned French fragrance master, BEL Perfumes. With sultry & refreshing top notes of ginger, bergamot and lime, enchanting & sophisticated heart notes of white tea, syringa and jasmine, sensual & relaxing base notes of amber, velvet musk and rice powder, GRACE embodies the elegance and confidence of a woman.

Just look at the packaging that embodies a woman’s curve. It completes this fragrance as a very womanly fragrance. Super feminine, sexy but not overpowering. Currently, I’ve been using GRACE on daily basis, more spritz for night time. And the best part: GRACE comes in Eau de Parfum 100ml bottle. Perfect for a woman like me who spritz fragrance like crazy (LOL) and demand more long lasting fragrance (because I’m just too lazy to do fragrance touch ups).

GRACE by Anggun is now available in Transmart, Carrefour, Metro Department Store and C&F Perfumery Indonesia.

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Betty Boop, the flirty cartoon character with black hair (thanks for the thought). Now in fragrance too!

A classic look of Betty Boop now standing tall on my beauty drawer, thanks to Beauty Box Indonesia who sent me the fragrance “PRINCESS”. Comes in 75ml bottle of Eau De Parfum (yes it last longer!), with fruity top notes such as Grapefruit & Bergamot, dries down to floral middle notes like Jasmine Petals, Gardenia & Velvet Rose, to the base notes Liquid Amber, Sandalwood, Tahitian Vanilla & Soft Musk.

If you love vanilla scent, its’ light vanilla will not overwhelm. It’s truly a fun & flirty fragrance, just like its’ character. IMHO, perfect for day use for its’ lightness. After I finished the whole bottle, I’ll definitely keep the Betty Boop figurine for collectibles. She’s just too cute.

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I’m in that never ending battle for super soft look and feel of long hair.

Ever since I’ve grown my hair long (and longer these days), I’m getting more serious of my hair care. Seriously, longer hair need more attention, more TLC than shorter ones. I believe in using good shampoo, conditioner and mask, as ordinary hair care products in supermarket just don’t cut it anymore (I ended with that non long lasting scent of clean hair, oily scalp & tangled long hair). 

That’s why I believe in salon quality hair products. Currently, I’ve been using the latest from L’Oreal Professionnel Innovative Serie Expert, Pro-Keratin Refill shampoo and masque. Combination of Keratin (FYI, our hair is made up of 85% Keratin that gives hair shine, flexibility & strength) and Incell work together for stronger and more resilient hair. They’ll help to strengthen weak and damage hair too! So, cleansing, strengthening & nourishing? Yup! After a week or so, I do feel my hair is more resistant to breakage. They feel softer without the oily scalp at the end of the day, easier to comb and their fresh scent last. Even without the help of flat iron, a simple blow dry made my hair looked sleek (check out my Violet from The Incredibles’ impersonation pic above #LOL). 

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When I met you in the my heartbeat sound…
That Calvin Harris song “SUMMER” straightly went to my mind when I got the chance to sniff at this new range of fragrance from COMME des GARCONS, “BLUE INVASION”. 
Three ‘blue’ unisex fragrances, BLUE ENCENS, BLUE CEDRAT & BLUE SANTAL presented in blue gradation bottles, were created to accentuate radical contradiction of fresh and non fresh, cool yet warm. Very unexpected, with cooling look yet warm notes like cedarwood & sandalwood. 
They all come in Eau de Parfum 100 ml Natural Spray. And, my favorite will be BLUE SANTAL. I found it unique and more feminine amongst the other two. Now available at The Papilion Duo, Jakarta, Indonesia.


When I met you in the my heartbeat sound…

That Calvin Harris song “SUMMER” straightly went to my mind when I got the chance to sniff at this new range of fragrance from COMME des GARCONS, “BLUE INVASION”. 

Three ‘blue’ unisex fragrances, BLUE ENCENS, BLUE CEDRAT & BLUE SANTAL presented in blue gradation bottles, were created to accentuate radical contradiction of fresh and non fresh, cool yet warm. Very unexpected, with cooling look yet warm notes like cedarwood & sandalwood. 

They all come in Eau de Parfum 100 ml Natural Spray. And, my favorite will be BLUE SANTAL. I found it unique and more feminine amongst the other two. Now available at The Papilion Duo, Jakarta, Indonesia.

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