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Dita Von Teese launched vintage lingerie collection designed for Debenhams.

Corsets and bustiers, anyone? The burlesque star named her collection, Von Follies which sold in Debenhams in UK and also online at ASOS. 

Just in time for Christmas shopping, we can expect to find iconic vintage feel such as balcony bras, fitted chemises, high waisted briefs and garter belts, with colors like red, black & nude. “I wanted to create pieces that enhance the feminine silhouette and make each woman who wears my range feel sexy and glamorous. Each piece is homage to femininity and a reflection of my love of vintage glamour,” she said in an interview.

Surely caught the essence of 1950’s glam girl, the collection will covered bra sizes range from an A cup to E cup, and briefs up to size 20. Just what Dita always wanted, to flatter women of all shapes and sizes. 

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